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Write your name on this paper in spanish! Paper valuation

by minman40324
03 August 2018
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in them. Use "el invierno" when you're writing about winter. Giving positive reinforcement, with my third graders, regular reminders about writing their names on their papers were often needed. . You could save any other assignment thats differentlike a picture of you giving a presentation. Listen more than once and get as many as you can. View the presentation on days and months. You can do this exercise even though you may not know all the verbs, because all ar-verbs are conjugated the same way: just take off the -ar ending and add the correct endings for the person you are talking about. You must have a total of 8 sentences that include at least 10 vocabulary words and 8 present progressive verbs. . (free on a computer) Compose a paragraph to tell about what clothes you like / dislike to wear. . What do you think this is? . This story is read with the pronunciation used in Spain, which is a bit different from that of Latin America. You should discuss traveling. . Dont worry if some of the verbs on here are not on your vocabulary list; just try to pick up whatever verbs you can by listening multiple times. Complete the 4 exercises under present tense Identity. You can use Tengo to mean I have and you can use uso to mean I use. Work on your project. (But dont forget to review old words as well.) Day 49 Los Verbos AR Now that we have learned our vocabulario, lets begin conjugating AR verbs. (You dont have to grade this course, but if you are considering that it might be used on a transcript, then you should.). Telling time Fill in the answers. Vives en una casa? Day 74 Listen to a couple minutes of Spanish. You can also take a screen shot of one of the online quizzes.

Escuchas la radio, heres a study sheet to help you. Continue getting familiar exam with the sounds of Spanish here. Your score Potential for extra credit because its being recorded paper out. Write one sentence using hablar in the preterite. I also like to teach the kids that when papers are passed.

Mas Comida Days 9495 Vocabulario Take this vocabulary test. Now, knowing how to spell the names of the months also is essential to recognize the abbreviated form of the name. Palabras Interrogativas These games teach the question words. Add up all the grades you have been recording for this quarter. Day 165 Sportscaster Project Find a sports event what is the purpose of appendix in paper online in Spanish. It should include whats listed in numbers. Score 5 points for following the directions which werent given a point value.

Score up to 20 points for completing 6-8 detailed sentences according to the directions on Day.Have someone check your answers when you are done.4 Write the year in full if you want to practice your skills.