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by yigitdilbaz
04 August 2018
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paper Mache clay, I left him dry for a week.

I used plastic dissertation Scotch tape because I didnt want to cover the bottom with paper mache clay large flat surfaces tend to warp when they dry. Theyll be hung on a wall so they dont have to be totally unbreakable. Simply because working with potterytype clay is more intuitive. And the aluminum foil will help stiffen the bones.

This is the famous recipe that takes all the mess and frustration out of paper mache.It makes sculpting fun again paper mache in a whole new way!

Its easy to bend and cut. Ill show you what Ive done so far with the clay recipe down towards the bottom of the post. And some are easier to mold. After all, once he had time to totally dry I painted him with a brush tossed on sparkles while the paint was still pulp wet to give it zebra the layered look of real snow. And an, some are sturdier, with the help of some ordinary pottery clay and a helpful chimp. I want the fingers to bend at the joint.

Print large image on two sheets of paper, Mini paper crowns

His name is TapperĀ  he is a tap dancing snowman created for a holiday dance recital, and he stands 8ft tall!In the end, I came up with a variation of the recipe that seems to work, although I cant give exact measurements.