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Graph paper 1.5 cm

by OvationTV
04 August 2018
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good S-12 ( ) thank YOU FOR attending THE auction. Deep blue finish on barrel and triggerguard. CVA Kentucky Pistol Kit This flintlock kit is new in middle the box with instructions and pieces wrapped in the original factory paper. The pistol is in overall excellent condition S- 27 ( ) *Check out the UZI conversion kit for recessed the UZI pistol # 49 in this auction. The serial number is correct for the 1923-dated barrel and for the National Match series. Cover is inked with Small Arms Ammunition Lot Den and is stamped Small Arms AMM Box MK1 MOD. Walnut stock checkered and with oil finish looks well cared for. Remington Model 1100 Auto Shotgun Serial # V, 12 Ga 3 28" barrel, with near excellent bore and fixed modified choke with steel front bead. Savage MkII Bolt Action Rimfire Rfle w/bushnell Scope Case Serial #, 22 LR caliber, 21" barrel, with near excellent bore. Rear buckhorn sight is a Marbles Gladstone model. It has Chinese markings on the barrel that indicate that it is tax exempt, and some unknown markings on the stock. The field test bolt is average used condition.

Overall condition is fair to good D34. Ventilated barrel tube with nut, this comes paper in the original molded case with. This comes with its box and paperwork. One Aimpoint Electronic sighting system, gewer 98 Mauser Amberg Sporterized, the Winchester. But there is a set of Weavertype bases installed on the receiver. Sling, this piece cocks ok but does not center at the end of full cock. Plastic handle box and brush, a beautiful copy making of the Remington design that won the silver medal at the 1867 Paris Exposition. Parker Trojan Grade Side by Side Shotgun Serial.

Milford is a town located in Southern New.Hampshire in the Merrimack Valley region of the state.It is situated in the central part of Hillsborough County and encompasses a total area.3 square miles,.1 of which is water.

This revolver is one of the many that were clones of the major manufacturers of the era. Possibly for an attachment to be used as a gallery comparison research paper topics rifle. Colt Model 1862 Police Revolver Serial 18016. Percussion Colt Civilian Model Navy Revolver.

The finish on the metal is about 95 with a few areas of wear, mostly at edges.The walnut stock has fancy checkering on the bottom of the forearm and on the pistol grip with a length of pull at 13 7/8.