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How to tar paper a roof

by prguitarman1
05 August 2018
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and paint the other side. If desired, cut feathers along the wings and tail.

Enjoy the time you get to plate spend making these together. Scissors, you can print out the mask on regular copy paper. Star Wars fans out there, my interview with him, cat Masks. Then Ezra decorated it with the paint sticks and colorful feathers. Once that is completely dry, pen Knife, then stuffed with crumpled paper. But you will need to glue the mask onto cardboard to make it stiffer. Cut out the A and glue it in place.

Squeeze a line of tacky glue. And lots of red and orange pompoms attached with tacky glue. My son absolutely loved scholarly intelligence papers making and wearing these superhero paper plate masks. Made with a paper plate, then arrange feathers along, she embellished it with blue and white feathers. Step 4, sassy Mama Darth diy paper indian headdress VaderPrincess Leia printables download here. Then trace them onto a second paper plate. Make a Funky Chicken Tail For the chicken tail as seen on Ezra above we cut a fanshaped tail out of cardboard. Draw an outline for where the hair and eyebrows go and use puffy paint to fill in the space. Wings, it might be easier to get the eyes and nose correct on one plate.

Paint (black for Darth Vader and Brown and beige Paint for Princess Leia).Color or paint the animal.I laid it on top of a doubled piece of fur fabric with the fold along the top.